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PE Services has been a trusted partner for many legacy projects over the past three decades. The complexities of these projects offer our clients a matter of assurance that the project will be constructed appropriately with PE Services on their team. Our team includes licensed Professional Engineers, Engineers in Training, Civil Engineering Technicians, Environmental Compliance Specialists, and more.


Our engineers are expert problem solvers both during the design as well as during each stage of construction. Our ability to anticipate potential issues allows us to offer solutions to our clients before it becomes a problem. Using expertise and reputation, PE Services has been a trusted partner for many projects over the past three decades; always having a client-first focus. Our team manages each phase from design and plan preparation, through plan and specification review, to construction oversight, and schedule review.

  • Design and Plan Preparation
  • Plan and Specification Review
  • Construction Oversight
  • Schedule Review


At PE Services, we have a highly qualified staff that can handle a variety of material testing needs. We have refined several innovative methods of testing, verification, and documentation which provides long term value for any project resulting in completed projects on time, on budget, and without quality concerns.

  • Concrete Testing
  • Steel inspection
  • MnDOT, NASSCO, PTI, ACI, and MPCA certified


As a trusted partner, PE Services has managed the monitoring of large construction projects for both public and private clients. Through our partnerships, we’ve been a driving force to keep their projects on task and built to specifications. Our crew focuses on quality control during every assigned duty and have taken deliberate steps to become an industry leader. We have worked on large projects for the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Hennepin county, Metropolitan Council, Minneapolis, and St. Paul.

  • Grading observation
  • Bituminous paving observation
  • Concrete paving observation
  • Bridge construction observation
  • Quality control
  • Specialized inspection services
  • MnDOT Certified staff
Bridge Construction
GIS Data Collection


Data collection and mapping is an important part of planning a project. It’s also a time consuming, tedious, and expensive process. A key decision facing many managers of such projects is whether to pursue a strategy of in-house collection or external resources. Our staff take this off your plate to ensure your project continues to move forward in a timely manner. We have processes put in place while using the latest technology to ensure the need for a clearly articulated plan, adequate resources, appropriate funding, and sufficient timelines are met.


Aside from our direct work on construction projects, PE Services has become a trusted trainer and teacher of maintenance workers, engineers, managers, and construction professionals. Ann Johnson, our founder, was previously the Director of the Construction Management Degree Program at the University of Minnesota, leading the program through its first accreditation. In addition to engineering education, PE Services also educates the industry members on a variety of subjects including but not limited to environmental compliance standards, ADA compliance, and documentation control.

Classes offered through PE Services include:

  • Basic Surveying Concepts and Equipment Use
  • Civil and Commercial Plan reading (includes bar layout)
  • Basic AutoCAD skills
  • Aggregate Production
  • Concrete Field Testing (1 and 2)
  • Grading and Base (1 and 2)
  • General ADA Compliance Rules
  • ADA Inspection / Construction
  • Construction Inspection Overview
  • Culvert and Pipe Inspection
  • Site Management
  • Writing and Communication for the Public Works Professional
Construction Education
UMN Building


ADA Compliance is beneficial to everyone. And safety is of the upmost importance throughout any construction project. Our specialists not only provide quality accessibility inspections, but they also take part in training other prospective engineers within the industry. This expertise is based on education, training, and experience. Applicable standards are applied using quality control checklists specifically designed for accessibility compliance.


PE Services has become a trusted partner on many state public projects to manage the documentation control for the project. This includes the instruction of project teams on quality control timing and document management processes. Using the correct language to meet Owner requirements and standards is an important part of the process which we help manage for you. As projects continue to shift more towards the technological realm, documentation management has become critical to keep things moving forward and we help save our clients the hassle of managing this process.

Vikings STadium
Drain Crop


Our Environmental Services experts strive to be our client’s trusted partner in all environmental compliance areas including, but not limited to: plan development and review, expert NPDES inspection and documentation management, site management plan review and design, and serving as our project’s regulatory liaison experts.

Our environmental experts have helped establish the way the state of Minnesota completes its environmental commitments during their public projects.  As your trusted partner, the PE Services Environmental Services Group are trend setters in the industry.

  • SWPPP Development
  • Construction Oversight
  • Regulatory Liaison
  • Audit Support
  • Environmental Compliance Inspection
  • Environmental Site Management Plan Experts

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