Employee Spotlight – Jesse Brownlee

“I am happiest when I am doing the work I love, staying busy and feeling that I made a difference.”
– Jesse

Getting to Know Jesse Brownlee, Senior Civil Technician

How long have you been at PE Services and what does your role entail?  

I have been at PE Services for 9 months and I am a senior engineering technician. I work with concrete, soils, masonry, fireproofing, bituminous, ADA and erosion control…and I’m sure I am forgetting something.

What made you decide to work at PE Services over other firms? 

I decided to work with PE Services because of the talent they have. The company is small but growing quickly and everyone I met with was great. They were all very nice and knowledgeable and I decided that these are the kind of people I want to be around, and this is a team I want to be a part of.

What is your favorite aspect of your job? 

I love the variety of the job.  I love that it challenges and engages me daily.

What has been your favorite project and why? 

I don’t have a favorite project because they all have been great in their own way. I used to travel to multiple jobs in a day and I enjoyed that because I was going to different jobsites and doing different tasks. It was great because I did a wide variety of things and met a lot of different people in one day. The Metro wastewater treatment plant is a good project because I look at and deal with so many details. On any given day, I look at plumbing, electrical, soils, concrete, rebar, water proofing and site managing, so it really keeps me engaged.

I am happiest when…

I am happiest when I am doing the work I love, staying busy and feeling that I made a difference.

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance in a demanding professional environment? 

I maintain a healthy work life balance by making my time at home great. I do the best I can at work and at the end of the day I try to leave work in my truck and when I walk in my house to my family, we talk about our day and then we do some type of activity and just enjoy each other’s time.

Describe your perfect vacation.  

My perfect vacation would be a place where my family and I could just go play on the beach or in the forest and just have fun…with a buffet close by. lol. We are foodies too.

What would you tell a newcomer to PE Services? 

I would tell a newcomer to PE Services to be open to learn new things. No matter how much you know, you can always learn something else or try something different. Just keep an open mind.